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  conjunction box PKCB1301
Product Name:conjunction box PKCB1301
Product S/N:120314236
Product Feature:plastic conjunction box PKCB1301
Product Class:99.CCTV Accessories
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    Product Description

Model PKCB1301
Material plastic
Product Dimension φ133mm x 42mm
Pipe Thread M20(G1/2”)
Operating Temperature -40ºC ~60ºC
Humidity 0~90% RH
Load Bearing 3.0Kg
Weight 0.39Kg
Applicable Model CA-FW(G), CA-DW(E/F/H/I/M), HAC-HFW(S), HAC-HDW(C/D/S), HAC-HDW1100, HDC-HDW2200S, HDC-HFW(C/S), IPC-HFW(C/S), IPC-HDW(C/S), IPC-HDW2100

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