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  Home Power Saver PS001
Product Name:Home Power Saver PS001
Product S/N:1129162643
Specification:Home Power Saver PS001
Product Feature:Home Power Saver PS001
Product Class:05.Power Saver
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    Product Description

Use frequent line loss?

Worry about appliances?

High power consumption?

Step electricity?

The landlord's black heart?

Can't afford to hurt?


Applicable scenario

Still worry about electric power more, afraid electric charge is high?

Good helper in life

Reduce the use of circuit loss after use of the whole house into the energy saving state, and use 12 months to achieve the effect of lowering the current electricity bill

Applicable places: various Internet cafes, large shopping malls, office buildings, home appliances, various shops...


Screen display monitoring voltage;

Overload overpressure protection function;

Balance current, reduce line loss;

Improve power factor and efficiency;

Active local compensation, energy-saving good helper.



Indicator light, insurance pipe hole, scraping hole, power cord outlet, aluminum alloy shell, voltmeter,

Due to different voltage environment different Numbers may fluctuate phenomenon, this is normal!


Product brand: Powerking

Product model: PS001

Frequency: 50 to 60 hz

Working voltage: 110-220v AC

Payload: 80000 watts

Working temperature: -20-60 degrees

Shell material: aluminum alloy material, fire - proof, durable

Display mode: electronic screen

Weight: about 200G

Scope: home business

Size: 10.8 * 6.5 * 4 cm

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