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  Tablet PC Jacket PK-TPCJ-01
Product Name:Tablet PC Jacket PK-TPCJ-01
Product S/N:11111319
Specification:7 inch
Product Feature:Tablet PC Jacket PK-TPCJ-01
Product Class:10.IT Product
Quality Rank:
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    Product Description

The win7 Tablet PC, Felix Tablet PC can be used! !
ith USB stylus keyboard holster -
Google Android 2.1/2.2 Tablet PC Case!
Maijiu stylus one!
 Suitable for a variety of AndroidMID, IPAd Tablet PC In addition to the Apple tablet computer system
interface type: Universal USB / MINI USB (5PIN) Tips:
Make sure that the time of purchase on your Tablet PC interface is a large usb interface or usb interface operating

: 5 ~ 9V
Dimensions: 7-inch universal standard notebook keyboard:
L * W * H 232mm * 154mm * 31mm8 Size:
L * W * H 235mm * 175mm * 35mm10 inch:
L * W * H = 285mm * 190mm * 30mm Neckar
Height: 1.5 cm
This product sets the holster and the standard keyboard one,
using a common USB interface,
compatible with
Windows, Android system, driver-free,
suitable for
a variety of 7-inch tablet PC, for example, Zhuo Nisi, Rockchip, TCC, VIA program tablet computer. With it, make your Pocket PC to run freely. For a variety of MID, Tablet PC (except the Apple Tablet computer system), epad, original iPad Apple's operating system does not support. Counterfeit cottage Apple Tablet PC can support interfaces USB and MINI USB interface, optional. Photographed after the message, not required by the words of a unified standard USB interface, Oh. Let your love machine perfectly transformed into a netbook!
Carry anywhere at any time online!
     Comes with keyboard, more convenient for input, playing games necessary peripherals.

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