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  Digital Fiber Optical Transceiver PKDFOT04
Product Name:Digital Fiber Optical Transceiver PKDFOT04
Product S/N:82718423416
Specification:4 WAY
Product Feature:4 way PKDFOT04
Product Class:08.Transmission System
Quality Rank:
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    Product Description

Digital Video Optical transceiver 4-way Series
. Technical parameters,non-compressed 10-bit linear PCM encoding
video channel
Video Bandwidth
6.5 MHz
video compatibility
1Vp-p  75Ω
Video SNR
DG error
DP error
Optical Interface
ST、FC、Single fiber transmission
Video Interface
15MHz High-Speed Sampling
4 way video + 2 channel data
1310/1550 nm
. Expanded options
Data Channel
RS485/422/Manchester/RS232 optional               Support more than 8-way bi-directional data
Transfer rate:0 to 400Kbps
Bit error rate is less than:10-9
Phoenix terminal,bidirectional,data interface
Audio Channel
CD-quality,Maximum input level:4Vp-p,Supports 8-channel bi-directional audio.
24-bit audio, 96KHz sampling,20-20KHz bandwidth audio
Channel isolation:90 dB at 1 KHz audio SNR ≥88dB
support more than 8-way bi-directional switchs
10M/100M Ethernet, Fast Ethernet ports

Power Supply: Send 0.5A @DC12 V
Receive 0.45A @DC12V
Operating Temperature: -40℃ to 75℃
Storage temperature: -55℃ to 85℃
Humidity:0 to 95% Non-condensing
>100,000 hours
          3 level anti-lightning protection
Quality assurance:
Semi-annual replacement
One-year warranty
The optical non-compressed digital video product line also supports an expansion of video Optical audio, data, switching capacity, Ethernet function. Customized products according to customer needs
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